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Artwork by PB Darmanin & Tam Izzett

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Holding my breath cause it's crowded in your mind
I'm not the only one who's been left behind
Did you ever see me try?
Never really could call you mine

Now I can feel it in my bones
I guess I should have just left you alone
Why did you have to change your tone?
Never really could call this home

In my bones
In my bones

Taping up the tears you left in my heart
These walls you've built you know they're falling apart
Oh you threaten me with oh so much
but you're losing your grip
You're losing your touch
So now I'm ignorant, now I'm rude
These are the words you said you'd never use
A constant hurricane just spitting lies
I'm the monster in your eyes

In my bones
In my bones
In my bones
In my bones

And I will meet you in no man's land
With suitcases under my eyes (under my eyes)
Memories bound and gagged (bound and gagged)
Bite your tongue and do your time

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