As an indie-rock outfit with a little bit of alt and prog mixed in, Ilona Mahieu wants to give you a taste of everything. With warm dreamy guitar sounds, rich vocals, poetic lyrics, and drum and bass lines that pack a punch, this is an experience you won't want to miss.


Showing true range out of the gate with her larger than life debut track “Maslow”, Ilona pierced the scene with a unique take on Indie Rock, accompanying with it a volatile video overflowing with introspection and engrossing imagery. Releasing subsequent singles, Ilona continues to ambitiously push the boundaries of her musical expression, captivating the listener and bringing them along for the ride.

Ilona Mahieu maslow church singer red roses
"With her mesmeric voice and gift for songwriting, Ilona’s introspective outlook is painted brilliantly on songs such as ‘Maslow’ and the beautifully crafted ‘Cigarette’. Ilona is one to watch and furthermore listen carefully to."

- Joseph Rideout, Dead Sound Promotions

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